Monitor real-time energy consumption – and manage your carbon emissions.

Easy access to real-time energy consumption and cost means full control of energy spend and accurate CO2 data for ESG reporting.

Best of all? It’s easy to use.

Easy access to real-time energy consumption and cost means full control of energy spend and accurate CO2 data for ESG reporting.

Best of all? It’s easy to use.

100% automatic data collection

No hardware or meter requirements

The latest local emission factors

All your data in one simple platform

All property energy sources

Tailor-made for manufacturing companies.

We know it’s hard to control costs, increase profitability and stay on top of the latest developments in the sustainability space. 

That’s why we built a tool that makes it simple. 

Real-time prices mean you can react to the energy market and keep costs down, and your carbon emissions reports are based on how much energy you actually use – not estimates.

Measuring and managing your energy use has never been easier.


Track CO2 emission data, energy consumption and cost from your factories or buildings.


Follow live energy prices so you know when to turn machinery off – and on.


Create rock-solid benchmarks for building performance optimisation projects.


Stay ahead of ESG reporting regulations – and stakeholder expectations – with auditable reports.

How does comundo compare?

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to carbon accounting companies. What makes us different is that we keep things simple – and accurate.

We’re not a one-stop shop for everything to do with carbon accounting, but everything to do with carbon accounting needs the most accurate data you can get.

And that’s just what we’ve got.

As well as being plug ‘n’ play, covering all energy sources, real-time energy prices – and more …

Plug ‘n’ play
All energy sources
Actual consumption and exact emissions
Fully automated
Real-time data
Hourly emissions on electricity

Already using a different solution?

No problem. We can integrate our data with your existing solution to make your sustainability efforts as accurate and effective as they can possibly be.

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Pricing varies depending on how complex your setup is and the number of properties you have.

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A headshot of Erik Christensen, CEO of
Erik Christensen

We chose comundo as it can give us precise data – live. We needed it not only to get real data on our CO2 footprint for our annual report, but also to use real-time data in a smart way; to monitor and optimise our consumption on electricity, heating and water to reduce our footprint where possible.

Hassan Walid Chaachouh
Project manager and sustainability officer

comundo provided the level of accuracy we needed across all energy sources, including water, while also being fully automatic. This removed the need for time-consuming manual work and the mistakes that often accompany it.

Ask Jessen
Chief Sustainability Officer, North Media

Other solutions were too expensive, complicated or require special meters. comundo works great and has turned a headache into a business advantage for us.

Erik Christensen

comundo is a game-changer for those working with energy optimisation.

Dorthe B. Clausen
COO, Green Tech Center

comundo is a great tool for mapping energy consumption and identifying possible savings. It’s absolutely ideal for the real estate industry.

Henrik Karlsen
CEO and energy consultant

comundo is intuitive to use and the team are professional and fast. We’ve been nothing but happy.

Christian Ansbjerg
Product owner, Nrep, Urban Partners