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Hi there, and welcome to Comundo! We are a group of people who have come together to make the planet greener.

Climate action can't wait. Legislation requires it. Stakeholders expect it. And your business deserves it.

We are four experienced people, Sverre, Jonas, Palle and Alex, who have joined forces to create the
world’s largest contributor
to the green transition.

We believe that the best way to do that is by doing two things.

We create an easy path to net zero

Our vision is to make net zero possible through CO2 accounting, reduction and compensation. Because while the temperature rises, new legislation is rolled out and stakeholder demands increase, easy, affordable and efficient CO2 tools are still in short supply. Comundo is here to fix that problem. For the sake of the planet, the company – and you and I.

The world’s best workplace

At the same time, we want to create the world’s best workplace. We can talk about that for a very long time – and we do. But you can get the very short version. Everything we do is based on people and their well-being. Shorter working weeks, flexible working hours, and free from constant emails. Giving you time to live the life you want. Yes, we also have a delicious lunch scheme, a good coffee machine and Friday bars. But we believe that well-being requires proper working conditions – not just a ping-pong table (although we have that too). We love high-performers. In fact, we have nothing but on our team. But we don’t accept bad teammates.