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Take control of your carbon accounting

Make CO2-accounting for your properties easy, efficient and affordable. For the sake of the planet and your business.

Carbon accounting can be really difficult. So we make it easy. Comundo’s unique solution is tailor-made to the property sector.

Fully automated

Get rid of all manual processes and save time and money. Onboarding takes just minutes, and you can pull data and reports with just three clicks.
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No system or meter requirements

Anyone can use the platform. You avoid supplier dependence and unnecessary costs. The platform can be easily integrated with other systems, including accounting programs.

Actual consumption rather than estimates

Get an overview of your actual consumption in real-time. Use baselines and benchmarks and reduce your emissions based on facts.

Reduce and offset your emissions

With the platform, you can report, optimize and compensate for your CO2 emissions. Good for the planet. Great for your business.


discrepancy between estimated and measured data


soft- or hardware requirements


clicks only to pull data

Our customers say

We were looking for a carbon accounting solution for our real estate portfolio, but couldn’t find one. Either it was incredibly expensive, complicated, or required special meters. Our accountant recommended Comundo. It works great and has turned a headache into a business advantage for us.

Erik ChristensenCEO,

When I advise companies on climate accounting, I highlight Comundo's platform. A really good tool for mapping energy consumption and identifying possible savings. Absolutely ideal for the real estate sector.

Harald KarlsenCEO and energy consultant

For a long time, it has been a problem that the price of services measuring energy consumption and CO2 emissions is so high that only enterprise companies can afford them. With Comundo, there is finally a solution catering to everyone. It is a game-changer for those working with energy optimization.

Dorthe B. ClausenCOO, Green Tech Center

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Join the companies of the future that are already using climate accounting to help save the planet and optimize their business.
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